888 Casino in the US? The plot thickens

Alderney Nevada 888

Let me say right for the start, for the avoidance of any confusion, that 888 Casino are not about to start accepting bets from US players in the immediate future.

But join the dots on the below undisputed facts, and tell me where you think this story is headed…

  1. 888 and Caesars Entertainment have for some time now had a B2B relationship whereby 888 are assisting Caesars with various online ventures in Europe.
  2. Nevada’s Gambling Control Board (“NGCB”) recently entered an arrangement with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission to get a better understanding of best-practice online gambling regulation.
  3. Caesars Entertainment lobby hard against a New Jersey bill that would allow Atlantic City casinos to offer games online to NJ residents.  They (Caesars) believe the bill may impede attempts to get federal I-gaming regulations over the line.
  4. A three member panel of the NGCB this week ratified the partnership between Caesars and 888 as an acceptable business relationship under the terms of the Nevada Foreign Gaming Act.

Caesar’s Interactive CEO Mitch Garbar is pretty adamant on where he thinks the story is headed, saying of this week’s NGCB decision:

“It was an historic moment. It confirms that Internet gaming is a reality. It should allow us to look more & more at a federally regulated environment in the United States.”

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