Looking for the fastest live blackjack deal?


Now Evolution Gaming starts the clock at 8 seconds to place your blackjack bets

Don’t like to wait too long before your next live blackjack deal?

This must have been the feedback Evolution Gaming were getting from players because they now give you a mere 8 seconds to place your bets before the next deal starts!

This has been applied across all casinos and all blackjack tables (standard blackjack and VIP blackjack).

The faster the better I say.  Nothing more frustrating than waiting around twiddling your thumbs between deals (unless of course you’re engaged in a deep and meaningful discussion with your dealer). It wouldn’t surprise me to see other platforms/casinos speeding things up a bit also.

Below is a quick snippet of the place-bets-window just to give you a sense of the timing.

Casinos offering this fast deal live blackjack powered by Evolution Gaming include:

888 | William Hill | Unibet




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