Testing Playtech’s live casino disconnection policy

Quick follow up to this post on disconnections policies applied by various live casinos.

Playtech casinos stood out as having a policy that gives players the chance to complete their hand should it be interrupted by an unexpected internet disconnection.  The policy stated that in the event of disconnection from a live game players will be automatically directed to the RNG version of that game, at the same stage of the deal that you were cut off, upon re-logging in to the casino.

Sounds pretty cool right?  But I hadn’t been disconnected during a live game and so hadn’t experienced this nifty little piece of tech wizardry.  Then it it occurred to me that I only had to turn off my router mid-game to test it out!

So during a game of blackjack at William Hill today, I waited until a point where I definitely would want to be able to play out a hand. With a 2 & 3 against the dealer’s 10 up card I pulled the plug on the router.

Immediately I get the below message from the casino:


A couple of hours later I log back into the casino and true to the policy, I am confronted with the below game console:


Precisely the state of play where I left my live blackjack game two hours earlier.

I played out the hand and as it turns out I lost.  But if I’d had a bucket load riding on this hand and the disconnection had been an unintentional one, I certainly would have appreciated the chance to play it out!

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