Live blackjack tournament at Unibet

unibetliveblackjacktourneyDoes the following sound like something you could get into…

A trip to Europe’s live casino central (Riga, Latvia) including accommodation, meals and spending money (valued at €1800) where you’ll take one of 12 available seats in a blackjack tournament at the  Royal Casino on December 4.

Winner gets €8000 cash, second place €4000, third €2000 and fourth takes home €1000.

To reserve your seat at the table you’ll have to get over to Unibet live casino and play live blackjack sometime between now (starts Monday 17 Oct 00:00 CET) and 30 October and be one of the top 12 players on their leader qualifying board.

And how do I become one of the top 12, I hear you ask?

Points are awarded based on your biggest single day live blackjack win. Your best winning day at the end of the qualifying period becomes your score (€1 = 1 point).  It’s not cumulative so all other daily wins or losses are irrelevant. Forget turnover amount or number of bets placed; this one’s based on your ability to WIN rather than your appetite to bet. They’re clearly looking for blackjack players who know how to play the game.

Which leaves the €8000 question…is that you?

Opt-in details and t’s and c’s are set out at here at Unibet’s live casino page.

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