Golden Opportunity in the Year of the Horse


January 31, 2014 marks the Lunar New Year and according to the Shēngxiāo, the beginning of the Year of the Horse.

2013’s Snake  didn’t promise too much and with time fast running out hasn’t delivered anything special either. Not for me anyway.

Will the Horse be any different?

The Wood Horse

According to those in the know there’s a lot to like about the Wood Horse and what it promises to deliver in 2014.

While predictions were very non-specific and full of hedge-betting, an optimistic reader could definitely extract some positives.

The Horse is powerful; graceful; beautiful; noble; strong; free of spirit. All good characteristics (would have been nice to see a ‘lucky’ in there somewhere).  It’s a fast mover, making decisions quickly rather than procrastinating or over-thinking situations. It is strong willed and doesn’t search for safety or compromise.

The Horse does very well when it’s on a roll (don’t we all?). But it’s appetite for fast moves and risk taking can get it into trouble. One expert predicted 2014 to be year of, ‘extremes in stock markets, fluctuation of prices, and general chaos in all things financial’. Wouldn’t that be unexpected on the back of  what we’ve seen from 2008 to 2013?

There were a couple of good takeaways though:

  1. The Horse likes adventure, and is always on the move.
    SO make sure you don’t spend too long at any one table; playing any one game; following one particular dealer; or playing at the one live casino. Move around a little.
  2. The Horse’s lucky hours are 11 am – 1 pm, with high noon the sweet spot.
    SO take a long lunch and save your aggressive betting for these lucky times.

A Few Certainties

Don’t believe any of the above? Probably fair enough, but there are a few things that the Horse will undoubtedly deliver:

  1. words like fortune, prosperity, opportunity, hóngbāo plastered all over casino sites with 8’s in their URL.
  2. plenty of pretty of horse graphics on casino sites with 8’s in their URL.
  3. plenty of promo’s in the lead up to Chinese New Year, all promising fortune, prosperity, opportunity…




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