bet365’s dedicated area gets a revamp

A few weeks ago some of the tables in bet365’s dedicated area went offline.

Unclefester from the forums was all over this development and soon reported that a bet365 live casino make-over was underway… more private tables and a tszujed up interior design were coming.

With both Paddy Power and more recently Ladbrokes going big on their Playtech private areas, I guess bet365 figured they’d better not get left behind.

Anyway, last week the new look tables started going live.

bet365 new dedicated tables



Kind of like one of those face-lifts where you’re left thinking…did he, or didn’t he? Definitely not a Shane Warne job.

One thing that the upgrade did highlight is that the quality of the video stream (resolution/definition in particular) has been improved significantly.


bet365 private live blackjack table


bet365 private new live blackjack table


Perhaps more work was being done behind the camera (or to the camera itself) than in front of it.

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