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Here’s an unusual concept, even in a world where you need to go to ridiculous lengths to stand out from the crowd.

Welcome to Extreme Live Gaming. 

In the foreground is your live dealer, the baccarat table and the game of live baccarat that you’re playing. Much like at any other live casino.

In the background are two more live dealers, only they’re trapped in a cage and fighting it out old-skool Bodog style.

Sound implausible?

It should.

The reality is, Extreme Live Gaming is just another live dealer platform.

They’ve been operating out of a studio in Manila with a mixture of local and European dealers, although couldn’t seem to find them listed at First Cagayan. Not by the name Extreme Live Casinos anyway.

Just recently Extreme Live Gaming became part of the Novomatic Group of companies so we may be seeing a bit more of this brand in he future.

The Astra Gaming Group, Novomatic’s wholly owned UK subsidiary, now has a majority stake in Extreme and it seems they have big things planned for the future. Among these plans is the opening of a new Europe facing studio that will be located in London. The new London studio is scheduled to open by the third quarter of 2014. That’s not far away!

Darwyn Palenzuela, Extreme Live Gaming’s founder, had the following to say about the Astra acquisition:

“In just a short space of time, Extreme Live Gaming has emerged as a leader in the live-dealer space – a position that can only be strengthened further with the backing of our new owners.”

He’s probably not exaggerating the bit about backing.

The Austrian headquartered Novomatic Group earned revenues of over 800 million euros in 2013. EBIT was €133 million. That kind of cash can help build a nice looking studio with plenty of tables and dealers!

I guess we wait and see.


Extreme Live Gaming promo pic..a table from their Asian studio


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