Victor’s Live Casino back, bigger and better

Victor's Live Casino

It seems that reports of Victor’s Live’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

It’s back up and running, bigger and better than ever.

It disappeared from Betvictor’s live dealers page last week, amid rumours that excessive costs and limited player action had lead to a decision to shut their in-house studio down permanently.

Betvictor advised players that they were, ‘making some changes‘ and that we could, ‘soon look forward to a brand new studio along with a bigger selection of your favourite tables’.

Well the in-house studio that used to house Victor’s Live is no more but thanks to a relocation, the casino lives on.

So what are the changes?

More tables

Of the blackjack variety in particular (4 in total), and including a higher limit VIP table with a $20 minimum and $10,000 maximum bet.


Tabbed multi-table play

Select the ‘Add Game’ button top right of your playing window, and you are presented with all available tables. You can then select another table to open.


You are then able to switch from one open table to the other using the tab buttons top left of the playing window.

Victor's Live blackjack

They appear to have done some handy recruiting to fill the new tables as well.

From Gibraltar to Malta

Not a change that is particularly relevant from the playing side of things, but just as a point of interest, the new Victor’s Live Casino is no longer housed in Betvictor’s Gibraltar premises, but rather at Media Live’s Malta studio.

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