BetVictor: and then there were 3


Just a quick update for any of you who enjoyed playing Betvictor’s Victor’s Live Casino and can’t seem to find it any more.

It’s closed.

Not for maintenance. Not for improvements. Not for expansion.

For good.

Betvictor did flag that changes were on their way with an email to members saying…

We’re making some changes to Victor’s Live Casino.
You can soon look forward to a brand new studio along with a bigger selection of your favourite tables for you to enjoy.

So the change is in fact a closure. Which does beg the question, what is the brand new studio with a bigger selection of your favourite tables to enjoy , that is referred to?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Victor’s Live isn’t the only closure either. Anyone desperately looking for Victor’s Palace (unlikely) will have also noticed it is no longer available. Although whether this is a permanent or temporary situation remains to be seen.

So, for now it’s 5 live casinos down to 3…with maybe something new on its way.

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