Introducing some Paddy Power Betfair Bling

Paddy Power and Betfair teamed up on the corporate front a couple of years back.

Now they have joined forces on the live tables side of things with a new shared exclusive area. Bit of an oxymoron I know.

The tables are shared by both Paddy Power and Betfair…available to players logged in at either casino. But still private/exclusive to the extent that players logged in at any other Playtech live casino won’t be able to play them.

Because they are shared they don’t bear any casino branding. With the present lighting situation you may not see the logos if they did. It’s a dark area to be sure; a bit more lighting wouldn’t hurt. Otherwise the area looks great.

There’s certainly no missing the dealers in their bright gold bodices which contrast spectacularly against the dim surrounds…perhaps that was the plan?

On to the tables in the new (yet to be named) area.

10 exclusive blackjack tables

blackjack @ betfair

No shortage of blackjack tables; 10 in total, including 2 with VIP limits.

blackjack @ betfaair

2 exclusive roulette tables

There’s a regular limit table, and a VIP table. Both offer standard European Roulette bets and payouts and both are presented in the now customary multi-camera angle capture.

roulette @ paddy power

Lots of dealer face time against a rather distracting neon-like background.

The video transitions to close-ups of the wheel from different angles to capture the spin, then ball drop nice and clearly.


If you like a bit of bling, I suspect you’ll enjoy spending time in the new Paddy Power Betfair private area. If you’re prone to epileptic seizures, consider avoiding the roulette table.

Now they just need to give it a name.

Shared private areas an emerging trend

In the wake of all the mergers we’ve seen in recent years, shared private areas make sense, and this isn’t the first.

Betsson Group casino share a large private area inside Evolution Gaming’s studios.  GVC acquired brands, including Party Casino and Bwin share access to tables in the Clubhouse.

There’s still plenty of scope for more of these areas in the future. Ladbrokes/Gala/Coral is one that springs to mind.

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