It’s raining cash on Unibet’s live tables this week

Unibet's Colour of Monday

Unibet call this promo Colour of Monday. Colour of Money would be a better name for it. After all, there’s more money involved than Mondays.

Enough rambling; on to some details of what Unibet live casino are offering players this week, because it really is a cracking offer.

What you need to know

It’s on now. It started Monday and runs through until midnight (CET) Sunday 9th September.

Colour of Monday is essentially a wager race.

The top 100 staking players (on their live casino tables only) win a cash allocation; the amount dependent on where you finish on the leaderboard. The more you turnover relative to other players, the bigger your cash prize. The total cash prize pool for the top 100 is £€10,000 (or currency equivalent).

As well as getting a cash prize, the top 100 also get a ticket in a cash prize draw that will take place Monday 10th.

A further £€10,000 will also be given away in this draw…20 players names are drawn; each getting £€500 cash.

Players placed 101st to 200th on the leaderboard also get a ticket in this draw.

Here’s the summary prize table.

Position Prize (£€) EXTRA…tickets in £€10K cash draw (20x £€500)
1 2,500.00 1 ticket
2 1,000.00 1 ticket
3 750.00 1 ticket
4 > 6 500.00 1 ticket
7 > 10 250.00 1 ticket
11 > 30 100.00 1 ticket
31 > 40 50.00 1 ticket
41 > 50 25.00 1 ticket
51 > 100 10.00 1 ticket
101 > 200 1 ticket

Eligible countries

If you’re from the UK, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Romania or Estonia, you’re eligible for this promotion. Players from the Nordic region will also find a prize table in their local currency.

If you live outside these regions, check Unibet’s website for your eligibility.

If you are eligible, don’t forget to opt-in to the promotion to make sure your bets count toward the leaderboard. If you’re not already a Unibet customer you will of course need to register an account to begin with.

That’s pretty much it.

Good luck!

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