What do we think of Live Slot Games?

Back in 2019, when the first live game shows started winning hearts and minds of online gamblers, Playtech introduced the live slots concept with Buffalo Blitz.

It’s essentially a regular old online slot, with outcomes entirely computer generated. The only ‘live’ part of the game is the presenter standing beside the game commentating outcomes and trying to engage in conversation with anyone willing. A tough gig indeed – commentating mindless spinning reels and trying to stay enthusiastic about the whole thing.

To my mind, calling these live dealer games is a stretch. To echo the wise words of Unclefester, they are indeed:

“A very poor excuse for a live game”

I’m not a fan of game shows either (swimming against the tide with this opinion) but at least, for the most part, their outcomes are generated by physical acts of chance. The roll of real die, the turning of actual wheels etc. The recently released Football Studio Dice is a case in point. A ridiculously simple dice battle. But outcomes are dictated by the roll of real dice, not a random number generator.

Live game shows are very popular and here to stay. Live slots, hopefully, are not.

But they are still appearing, suggesting there is a niche of players that like commentary with their losing slots sessions. Go figure.

Here are a couple new live slot launches.

Everybody’s Jackpot

Everybody’s Jackpot is from Playtech, who seem to be championing this category.

It’s a slot game consisting of 4 reel sets, each with 8 fixed pay lines, 4 features and 2 jackpots. Not sure or overly interested in what any of that means. But the key takeaway is that the computer will decide how much players get paid back for every $1 invested. Around 96 cents in fact (that’s the game’s published return to player rate).

Every Jackpot comes with a presenter of course. He (or she) is live. But they takes no part in the game.

9 Pots of Gold

Slightly different story with On Air’s 9 Pots of Gold.

With this slot the presenter does hit the button to start the 5 reels turning.

But it’s still just a slot game.

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