A look at Immersive Lite (Immersive View)

Evolution launched their Immersive Lite Roulette a couple of months ago as part of PokerStars’ new dedicated installation.

As picked up in the forums, it’s now on offer at your favourite Evolution Gaming casino as an access all game on the general floor.

What is Immersive Lite?

It’s a live roulette (European layout) table basically, but delivered using multiple camera views and in higher definition than the regular tables (also lots more flowers).

It doesn’t come with the super slow motion replays of Immersive Roulette, and for this reason it’s a faster game without as much delay between wheel spins.


At some casinos (eg William Hill)  you have the option of playing the Immersive Lite table in traditional (Classic or 3D) camera aspects, or the Immersive View (pictured). At others, (eg 888 live casino) Immersive View is your only option. And let’s face it…if you are going to play this table you may as well play the Immersive View!

Bets and payouts are identical to all other Evolution European Roulette tables.

Here’s a quick video grab to give you an idea of how Immersive Live (Immersive View) plays.

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