Anna – Our live dealer of the week

There was something about Anna that I liked the moment this blackjack table loaded.

Dealer Anna

I think it was the fact that she reminded me of a favourite TV show I used to watch as a kid…Baywatch. It also had a little to do with her very warm welcome.

Either way, I was pretty keen to while away a Friday afternoon half-hour trying my luck out on her table.  Trouble was, I had only $68.25 in my Paddy Power account and Anna was dealing on the $25 minimum table…a sure fire recipe for disappointment.

As I half expected, after 2 hands I was faced with having to visit the cashier, before it occurred to me that this wasn’t one of Paddy’s dedicated blackjack tables.  All I had to do was jump onto another Evolution casino where my account was considerably healthier and my immediate fiscal problems would be solved.

I  logged into Party Casino and BINGO! Just under $300 in the account. Game on!

For the next 20 minutes or so Anna happened to be far more generous than she was for my first couple of hands at Paddy’s and by session’s end I was $100 or so up.

dealer Anna

dealer Anna


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