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Roxy Palace are one of the older Microgaming casinos, taking their first online bet back in 2002.  But they are new to live dealers having only recently added then to their site…and they’ve done a good job of it too by the looks.

The Roxy Palace live casino has been given prominence on the website along with a juicy bonus offer for first time players.  The games (and indeed registration, banking, help etc) are all easily accessible without any software download needed and they come with all the bells and whistles of Microgaming’s live platform, including the ability to play multiple games concurrently, highly customizable video feeds, table bet action displays and the ability to bet behind in blackjack.

The guys at Roxy tell me that long time customers (plenty of Canadians and Australians apparently) are loving the new addition to their casino; ditching the RNG games and opting to play live dealers instead.

Why wouldn’t they? If you were happy playing ‘pretend’ blackjack online the introduction of real cards and a beautiful dealer can only be better can’t it? If you were happy trusting a computer generated ball drop in roulette, then you certainly aren’t going to mind a real ball dropping into a pocket in real time and in high resolution video.

We’ve completed our Roxy review and added them to our live casino list.

Give ’em a go and let’s hear your thoughts.


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