William Hill exclusive area keeps growing

William Hill Live Casino

If you haven’t stopped by William Hill’s live casino lately, more particularly their exclusive area, then you might be in for a bit of a surprise.

It’s grown. Quite a bit.

Suppose it’s been a while since they launched their exclusive area (May 2012) so you’d expect things to have moved onward and upward.

More blackjack tables

There are still plenty of blackjack tables; 10 in all. Actually, 11 if you count the William Hill Weekender. So now there’s:

  • William Hill Salle Privee Blackjack (highest limits)
  • William Hill VIP Blackjack (high limits)
  • William Hill Weekender (on weekends)
  • William Hill blackjack tables number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (includes low limit tables with $3 minimums)

Throw in the general floor tables and you have up to 30 tables to choose from at peak times. With that many seats available, if you’re still having trouble finding one that’s open, perhaps think about buying some William Hill shares instead!

More ‘other game’ tables

The biggest change is the addition of exclusive tables for other games offered by Evolution, namely roulette (the one with the £500,000 table max), baccarat, casino hold’em poker and three card poker.

William Hill’s exclusive area is getting big!

Below are a few snaps of some of the tables and dealers in action.

And a video ‘walk through’ the casino…

3 replies
  1. Unclefester
    Unclefester says:

    Always plenty of tables to choose from at William Hill 🙂
    Almost too many to count… 2 Weekender blackjack tables now, and access to general floor language tables eg. Swedish, German & Russian roulette.

  2. LD
    LD says:

    2 Weekenders is it?

    One day old and the post is already out of date!
    Guess it highlights the point that they have no intention of slowing down and giving up their mantle as the biggest private room

    It was nice to have spare seats at low limit tables

  3. Unclefester
    Unclefester says:

    Amendment … only 1 Weekender table operating now. Over busy Christmas period etc. was 2 tables.

    I had discussion about what other games they could implement…. & talking of spare seats, an ‘unlimited blackjack’ table would be nice also.


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