32Red, Betway and the Evolution of Microgaming

32red live casino

This week 32Red live casino joined Betway in dropping Microgaming’s live dealer tables and replacing them with games from Evolution.

The move follows last year’s partnership announcement Evolution and Microgaming,

“…under which Evolution will become the preferred provider of Live Casino services for Microgaming’s European-focused customers”

Was wondering back whether, and to what extent the Microgaming tables would be retained by such European-focused customers: retained as a secondary live play option; offered on a GEO-targeted basis to players outside Europe; or ditched altogether. Seems it’s the latter.

They’ve disappeared at both Betway and 32Red, whether you visit their websites from the UK, Spain, New Zealand, Malaysia or Brazil (figured that covered most of the globe’s 4 corners).

32Red’s new tables?

Playboy bunnies are no more, replaced by a much larger range of tables, games, and dealers now at the fingertips of 32Red customers.

There aren’t any exclusive tables, but the full compliment of ‘all access’ tables from Evolution’s Latvian studio are available, including the recently added baccarat squeeze table, and Caribbean Stud Poker.


The switch also brings about a significant change to stock table limits. For example, baccarat maximums just jumped from $6,000 a pop (Player/Banker bet) to $70,000.

32Red live baccarat squeeze


I don’t think there will be too many 32Red (or Betway) players who will be upset with this development.

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