Fester’s Findings – November 2014


Well you are possibly looking at a couple of birds now and wondering where this month’s blog is going. For the less ornithological minded it may help to know the birds are boobies.

Below is an examination of my discoveries and thoughts for November, in part spent observing dealers wearing considerably less feathers, or whatever (and I don’t mean those big feather earrings that used to be so popular among the dealers at Playtech).


Naked dealers

“What do we want.. what do we really really want?” was the question posed in the forum last year by a top executive who’s worked in the biggest studio in Latvia. He wasn’t offering to fill a studio with naked dealers.

But, it was only a matter of time until an online licensed casino decided to test the market by offering red-blooded players the opportunity to see naked dealers playing their favourite live casino games.

Naked-breasts.com is not exactly the name of the latest casino to launch, but it gives you a fair idea of what to expect when you visit the tables. Currently on offer are the 3 staples of any good casino … roulette, blackjack and baccarat, complete with friendly pit bosses in the same state of undress.


Games alone don’t make for a good casino that you feel safe to play at and wish to deposit large sums of money with, or divulge bank details to. As a player, at the very minimum it is always wise to check where, and indeed if the casino is licensed before handing over your hard earned money.

Although even some of the biggest casinos sometimes push the license boundaries.

Of course casinos have being using female dealers in varying degrees of exposure to lure players for years…

In fact there used to be a roulette table on a casino site with Russian speaking dealers wearing even less clothing.


Evolution Gaming had a dealer in a mermaid costume spinning a prize wheel as a bonus round for a RNG slot game called Mermaid’s Fortune.


Some of the camera angles on Evolution’s award winning Immersive Roulette could be described as questionable.


And of course, not forgetting Playboy bunny live dealers now available at several casinos.


Understandably some dealers object vehemently to the idea of such embarrassing costumes and lack of clothing. But as I’ve said before, the dealers know exactly what they are agreeing to when they take the job and it’s not the case of later being told they have to wear something they feel embarrassed, uncomfortable or degraded in.

While on the subject of using the female form to lure players I have been wondering again why the big Latvian studios have apparently changed policy and are using more male dealers than previously.

Customer support at casinos

As a player you also want good customer service and support from your online casino. This month I had two occasions to be pleased with efficient service at Evolution Gaming tables.


While playing blackjack at 888 live casino the dealer didn’t receive my instruction to split a pair of 7’s (following basic strategy). So I requested Evolution’s online Live Support. They quickly acknowledged irregularities in the round and passed the info onto 888 casino, who refunded my account and credited my initial stake within the space of 24 hours.

All without the need for the more drawn out process of the dealer contacting the pit boss or CSR, who supplies a game code and then it being left up to you as a player to contact your casino and then explain the situation again and so on.


The other occasion I requested help was at William Hill’s tables. Following on from a successful night at one of their promotions I was surprised the next morning when my account hadn’t been credited. Based on past experience I knew how quickly bonus money is normally deposited at William Hill.

One of the advantages of playing at the William Hill dedicated tables are the VIP Hosts. I’ve always found them to be helpful, approachable and informative.

At the roulette table I asked if any of the VIP Hosts were available to check the status of my bonus money. This happened by chance to be the same time LD was making one his live casino walk through videos. VIP Host Emma quickly confirmed that my bonuses had gone awry and immediately credited my account … another speedy positive outcome at Evolution!

Bet Behind now at Evolution

If you love playing blackjack but can never get a seat at your favourite table the latest game feature at Evolution may be just what you have been waiting for.


Last year Playtech introduced the Sit Behind feature which allows players to take a seat behind another player and play blackjack by betting on hands dealt to the main player.

Evolution have now released their own version of the feature called Bet Behind with a few enhancements (chat, bet limits lower than regular seat, only bet one hand of split pair).

Currently it’s exclusively available to William Hill PC players at their dedicated tables. Although I can say with confidence it will be rolled out across other Evolution casinos next year.

Retrospect Halloween awards

Time constraints and internet difficulties prevented me giving a more complete pictorial roundup of Halloween in last month’s blog.

At the recent eCR operator awards event if they had given prizes for best Halloween decorations and costumes it would have been almost a clean sweep for Evolution casinos.

Male dealers would have won the categories for Best makeup & costume … with 888’s dealers worthy winners.


William Hill dealers deserving a Highly commended award and the tables would have won Best decorated.


The Most subtle costume award would go to Playtech male dealers wearing orange ties.


Some Playtech casinos decided to boycott Halloween altogether .There were no pumpkins, coloured ties, or anything in the bet365, Ladbrokes, Sky or Winner dedicated areas. I can only assume they were trying to take the classy high ground, or else they weren’t prepared to pay extra to Playtech and the studio for promotional ties, hats and pumpkins?

With Halloween done and dusted the casinos have turned their attention to the next promotion opportunity … Christmas 2014

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