Playtech’s new look Speed Roulette table

It looks like Playtech’s all access, or common tables migration is now substantially complete. The old studio tables appear to have been well and truly consigned to history; and their replacements inside Playtech’s new studio are all taking bets.

With a new home comes a new look. One table that has a very different look is the new Speed Roulette table (you can check what the old blue speed roulette table here ).

The blue backdrop is gone. Actually there is no backdrop – Speed Roulette sits in the foreground of the new Lounge area.

But the backdrop, or lack thereof is probably not what you’re interested in right?

Playtech Seed Roulette

You probably want to know whether the spin is as fast as it used to be.

Ball launch...

And the answer to that is…almost. There’s a new spin every 38 seconds or so. Perhaps a fraction slower than the old table, but with all the new camera angles capturing the action during this time, a couple of extra seconds were probably needed.

Lots of camera angles. Who's complaining?

Can’t imagine too many players will be concerned with a few extra angles, and a couple extra seconds?

Playtech's Speed Roulette

And a little video action..

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