Discojack and Discolette

Some combinations work really well together – red wine and cheese; beer and football; chocolate and mint. Others just don’t seem gel so well.

Many years back in my local shopping strip, some bold visionary came up with the idea of a combination tapas bar and hair salon. The tapas may have been delicious and their hear cuts may have put Vidal Sassoon to shame. But who wants stray hairs garnishing their pintxos?  Judging by how long the shop stayed open, not many customers did.

Discojack and Discolette from Playtech is another bold combination. Combining the classic casino games of roulette and blackjack with disco.

Only time will tell if this combo will have the staying power of red wine and cheese, or hairy tapas. I thought Dreamcatcher would flop so don’t really feel qualified to opine either way.


The pictures pretty much tell the story (apart from the background disco music). Discolette is disco-themed roulette.


Regular European roulette bets and payouts apply.



Discojack is a disco themed Unlimited Blackjack table.


Being unlimited, you and as many other players out there who enjoy disco blackjack, can play up to five hands each deal.


These tables have been added at most Playtech live casinos with the exception (at time of writing) of bet365.

Go get your groove on.


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