Roulette 360 from Oracle Casino

Portomaso Gaming have just launched their latest in-casino roulette table, and it’s called Roulette 360 (not to be confused with 360 Roulette …seems 360 is the fashionable number in live gaming presently).

Roulette 360 captures action from a table inside the Oracle Casino in Malta. That’s not new. Portomaso Gaming have been live streaming roulette from the Oracle for quite some time now. What is new is how the action is captured.

More cameras, more angles, and a completely revamped UI make Roulette 360 quite a different live gaming experience to the old Portomaso/Oracle live roulette experience.

Another difference that will be may go unnoticed by most, but is pretty significant for the tech boffins out there, is the fact that this table is delivered to your device of choice (whether PC, or mobile) in HTML5. No Flash required. No annoying message from your browser asking whether you want to enable Flash Player.

Place your bets…

Oracle place bets

Another view of the table action…

Oracle table action

Bets closing…

Oracle bets closing

And the spin and result…

Oracle spin and win

Roulette 360 recorded video

Where to play Roulette 360

Give it a few weeks and you may see Roulette 360 pop up at Leo Vegas or Betsson, both of whom offer a range of Portomaso Gaming tables. Roulette 360 will be available almost 24/7. It’s closed for 30 only minutes each day.

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