NetEnt now has live dealer baccarat tables

It’s been a long time coming but finally NetEnt have a live baccarat table.

netent baccarat

Three tables are now available. Two regular ‘physical studio’ tables, like the one pictured.

There is also a table employing NetEnt’s chroma-key background technology, allowing casinos to personalise the background. We were introduced to this back when NetEnt unveiled their new studio. The virtual backgrounds of the chroma key tables look so authentic you’d be forgiven for thinking it is a different physical studio.

Of course all three baccarat tables (and the dealers sitting at them) are real, irrespective of the background. Nice looking tables and play interfaces at that.

Design cues are clearly taken from soon-to-be parent Evolution. Indeed the help and bet limit buttons top of UI are almost identical. Roadmaps and game stats are nicely presented, and easily hidden if you want an even less cluttered table.

netent live baccarat

The deals are fast. The tables are actually labelled as Speed Baccarat tables. Losing money in a hurry is clearly players’ preference these days as speed deal tables are very common.

The game is regular Punto Banco baccarat. Standard bets and payouts apply for the main game, ie:

  • Player: 1 to 1
  • Banker: 0.95 to 1
  • Tie: 8 to 1

The obligatory live baccarat side bets are also offered: pairs, big/small and bonus.

Details and limits applying to all bets, are clearly presented on bet limit slide out top left of the game UI.

limits payouts

It really is curious why NetEnt took so long to join the baccarat party.

It’s the perfect live table from a provider/operator perspective. Cheaper to install than a roulette table. Able to service an unlimited number of players (theoretically) from a single deal (unlike 7 seat blackjack). Baccarat’s also a favourite game of high rollers.

Pretty compelling reasons to have baccarat in your live table game suite.

At least it’s here now. A fact welcome by NetEnt’s live casino director, Andres Rengifo.

“The launch of Baccarat will allow us to reach new players and support the needs of our partners for innovative game variants that attract a wider and more diverse audience. As part of our localisation strategy, Baccarat will complement our existing Blackjack and Roulette offering, expanding our footprint in the live casino sector.”

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