Introducing Multiplay Blackjack Live from Authentic

Authentic Gaming finally have a live blackjack table – Multiplay Blackjack.

It comes after six years of concentrating on live roulette games only; largely streamed from the floors of terrestrial casinos around the world, but also more recently studio tables.

What is Multiplay Blackjack?

Authentic’s first live blackjack table comes in one-to-many deal format. Meaning theoretically at least an unlimited number of players can take part each round. But each player gets to play their own hand uniquely, as if seated at a classic 7 seat table.

There are a few of these tables around now, notably Evolution’s Infinite Blackjack and Playtech’s All Bets Blackjack.  So Authentic haven’t had to reinvent the wheel too much on this one.

The provider’s challenge with these types of games is to make a single physical card deal uniquely playable by multiple players (as if they were seated at a classic 7 seat table).

Infinite and All Bets do this very well using a nifty physical to virtual card transition. Authentic have employed the same technique, albeit not quite so seamlessly.

The Main Game

As a player new to a live 1-to-many blackjack table the key thing to remember is that you are playing your hand as if seated at a classic 7 seat table.

The main game is blackjack dealt from an 8 deck shoe, with the following house rules applying:

  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2
  • Dealer stands all 17’s
  • You can Double Down on any 2 initial cards
  • You can Split (initial cards only) of equal value
  • You can Split Aces (draw 1 card only to Aces)
  • You can Double Down after Split
  • Insurance is offered when the dealer shows an Ace
  • Early Cash Out (house calculated) offered

Multiplay blackjack place bets

As always, you begin by placing your bet. For the main game your chip is placed on the big bet spot in the centre.

Surrounding the main game bet spot are 7 optional side bets. As per usual they are best ignored. More on the side bets below.

multiplay blackjack bets on

The deal then begins. Physical cards dealt to the Player position disappear under a small raised platform in the table, and then appear virtually left of table, as has happened with the 4 below.

multiplay blackjack deal

For the remainder of the deal, irrespective of which cards are drawn by other players, the cards reflecting your Hit/Stand/Split/Double decisions alone, are clearly presented virtually left of table. You may get a better sense of how the deal works by watching the below video.

Unsure why they chose to display the Player’s hand left of table, rather than a position approximating where the physical cards would have been dealt (ie just above the bet chip).

multiplay blackjack hit or stand

Regardless, the state of play is pretty clear.

The Side Bets

Authentic have gone big on side bets with their first live blackjack table. There are 7 in all:

  1. Dealer Perfect Pairs
  2. Player Perfect Pairs
  3. Lucky Ladies
  4. Lucky Lucky
  5. Buster Blackjack
  6. Top 3
  7. 21+3

Descriptions and applicable payouts of all the side bets, as presented on a side bet information slide-out are shown below. All pretty self explanatory.

You can take any of the optional side bets whether or not you participate in the main game. As advised above however, you should probably stick to the main game if minimising losses is important to you.

multiplay blackjack sidebets

Full House Rules…

May be read here.

Multiplay Blackjack Video

Where to Play Multiplay Blackjack?

The above game was played at Leo Vegas. Other casinos carrying Authentic Gaming tables will no doubt add Multiplay Blackjack in coming days/weeks.

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