FashionTV Jackpot Baccarat from Playtech

fashionTV baccarat

FashionTV Jackpot Baccarat. It’s a mouthful alright.

Playtech’s latest live baccarat table comes with models strutting the catwalk in the background, courtesy of a partnership with FashionTV Gaming Group –  exclusive licensors of the “FashionTV megabrand ” (their words not mine).

What better way to distract players into placing one of those low returning side-bets than having a bevvy of beautiful women over the shoulder of the beautiful woman dealing the cards?

So that’s the Fashion part of the name. Gimmick? I’ll let you be the judge.

fashionTV baccarat

The Jackpot part refers to the Dragon Jackpot that players on this table stand to win.

The Dragon Jackpot

If the runway models don’t distract you from playing sensibly, the Dragon Jackpot may do the trick.

It’s a 4 level progressive jackpot that grows at a rate of 1% of all Tie bets placed (the provider contributes the 1%, not players).

To be in with a shot at these jackpots, you’ll need to place a Tie bet (there goes sensible play). From here, things are all a little opaque.

The house rules explain it this way. “The trigger that starts the Jackpot game can randomly occur on any associated bet…even if the bet has gained no winnings. A bet of any size can trigger the Jackpot game, but the higher you bet, the bigger your chance to enter the Jackpot game.”

Once the jackpot game is triggered, you’re guaranteed to win one of the 4 jackpots, with names and seed values as follows:

  • Green dragon: €10
  • Blue Dragon: €100
  • Red Dragon: €1,000
  • Golden Dragon: €20,000

At time of writing the Golden Dragon had progressed to around €205,600. Needless to say this one wouldn’t go off very regularly.

Six Scanner deal

FashionTV Jackpot Baccarat employs a 6 scanner deal. This isn’t new. Playtech introduced us to the 6 scanner deal on their Golden Baccarat table.

6 scanner deal

Six cards, the maximum possibly needed for a game round, are dealt face down – 2 to each of the Player and Banker positions; a further 2 off to the side by the shoe (the ‘3rd’ cards if required). They are all scanned before being flipped and allocated to Banker or Player positions as required by normal 3rd card rules.

Rules, win ratios, payouts and the flow of opening cards is identical to a normal baccarat deal.

Dealing this way gives casinos the option of allowing for player card peek.

Regular or No Commission Payouts

Forgetting both the Fashion and Jackpot distractions, and getting back to the Baccarat part, you can play this table with regular baccarat payouts, or with No Commission Baccarat payouts. The difference being…

Regular baccarat payouts:

  • Banker win: 0.95:1
  • Player win: 1:1
  • Tie: 8:1

No Commission baccarat payouts:

  • Banker win: 1:1 (unless with a score of 6, then payout 0.5:1)
  • Player win: 1:1
  • Tie: 8:1

To be clear, regardless of which you choose, you are playing the same table and deal.

Where to Play Fashion TV Jackpot Baccarat?

Early adopters include Leo Vegas and 888.

Some Fashion TV Jackpot Baccarat Video

Speaking of distractions, wait until you hear the voice on this dealer. She starts singing toward the end of the video.

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