Introducing Boom City from Pragmatic Play

Boom City is Pragmatic Play’s latest addition to their range of live game shows.

Two giant dice sitting on mechanical shakers, 6 bet options and a results board that is refreshed each round are at the heart of this game. And of course a presenter calling the action live.

This is a super simple game. Play a handful of bet rounds and you’ll pretty much have it mastered. But to give you a leg up, here’s a bet round run through with pics and explanatory notes.

How to Play Boom City

Step one is to get your bets on. There are six to choose from…

  • The fixed payout bets:
    1x payout
    2x payout
    5x payout
  • The bonus round bets:
    Dice Battle
    Lucky Drop
    Boom City

Boom City placebets

After bets close the big dice start to shake around – one on a gold shaker the other on a blue shaker.

Boom City dice shake

While they’re rumbling the tiles on the results board light up with the 6 bet options appearing randomly across the board (plus a couple of strike tiles). Positions change each round.

Boom City results board

The gold shaker stops first, determining the resulting column on the board. Column 1 in the below round.

Boom City gold dice

The blue shaker then stops to determine the resulting row on the board. Row 3 in the below round.

Boom City bluedice

The tile at the intersection of the resulting column and row is the outcome. This round (and most you’ll find) is the 1x payout tile. If you had a chip on this bet you’d get an even money return.

Boom City intersection

The top fixed payout bet (5x) does come up occasionally, as below.

Boom City 5x win

As do the bonus rounds. A €1 bet on Dice Battle got me through to this bonus game. All the bonus rounds have a different mechanism for coming up with a multiplier to be applied to your original bet (all involving the dice of course).

In the below Dice Battle round, an 8x payout was the result.

Boom City dice battle

In the below Boom or Bust bonus game, a 15x payout resulted.

Boom City boom or bust

Theoretical Return

You shouldn’t expect too much here. No-skill games are always bad returners and Boom City is no exception.

Pragmatic quote a range for optimal return to player. Unfortunately they don’t reveal which of the bets have you at the low end and which have you at the high(er) end. Nonetheless, the range is…

93.49% to 96.21%.

Boom City Video

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