Gambling on Friday the 13th

Are you friggatriskaidekaphobic? No. Maybe you suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia?

They’re very long words meaning the same thing – a fear of Friday the 13th. That’s today!

Friday has long been attached with bad luck, owing largely to the fact that Christians haven’t forgotten it was the day Jesus came horribly unstuck. 13 is the universal unlucky number (try find level 13 in a skyscraper elevator anywhere in the world).

Combine them and you have some seriously bad juju.

That’s of course if you believe all that rubbish. I happen to love Friday’s. Most 9 to 5 workers do. And 13 doesn’t scare me that much either.

But those of the don’t break the mirror, spill the salt or walk under a ladder brigade will likely be trembling in their boots today. Proceeding very cautiously indeed. Which probably means no gambling today.

But consider this. If Friday 13th brings us all bad luck, shouldn’t it also bring bad luck to the casino? Which cancels out the bad juju in a you versus the casino scenario.

Just a thought.

Anyway in an effort to allay the fears of the superstitious, I thought I’d open a few live tables and get a feel for the Friday the 13th vibe.

Can’t say things got off to the best of starts. Even game servers can be struck down on Friday the 13th!

As for whether the dealers thought it was a good idea to bet big today, responses were mixed.

There was unequivocal despair at the prospect.

There was some pretty strong, don’t do it type body language.

But then there were also the optimists. Sure. Take a seat. Make a bet. What could possibly go wrong?

So bet I did. Small mind you. Just in case.

And there was the odd win.

Turns out small bets were the order of the day. Very hard to get a seat on the low limit blackjack tables.

While high limit tables were largely empty. A lonely day for Soiree Blackjack dealers.

Regardless of where you sit on the superstition scale, hope this Friday 13th brought you nothing but good fortune!

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