Loto Quebec launches Canada’s 2nd government online casino – espacejeux.com

Loto Quebec online casino

Back in July the British Columbia Lottery Corporation launched North America’s first government owned/operated online casino – Playnow.com. Since then, other Canadian provincial governments have been rushing to get Internet casinos of their own up and running and number 2 has just opened for business.

Espacejeux.com is owned and operated by Quebec crown corporation Loto Quebec and like Playnow.com, is only available to local provincial players. Poker and casino games including blackjack and roulette are available to Quebecer’s over the age of 18. The site’s default language is French but an English language version is also available.

Thus far the site is yet to experience any of the technical or security problems that plagued Playnow.com and resulted in that site being taken offline for weeks shortly after launch. It has however stirred up plenty of controversy with calls from problem gambling organizations to boycott the site amid fears it will lead to gambling addiction – a claim refuted by Loto Quebec’s Marie-Claude Rivet:

“I find it incredible that they’re suggesting a boycott of our site and they say nothing about the 2,000 illegal gaming sites on the web,” she said.

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