Microgaming releases Diamond Edition live roulette

NOTE! The below screen-shots are incorrect.  Here is the corrected post on Microgaming’s Live Dealer Diamond Edition.

According to the folk at Microgaming, players love their multi-player games, especially those that allow them to see bets placed by other players.  Apparently there’s been ‘a surge’ in the number of players wanting to play these types of games so with this in mind they’ve tweaked their live games software to include this functionality.

They’re calling this upgrade to their live dealer games the ‘Diamond Edition’ and it allows you to see others’ bets being placed on the table in real time. Pretty standard for live blackjack and live baccarat (most platforms show other seated players’ wagered chips on the table) but where you really notice this new feature is playing live roulette.

The below screen grabs are from a session of the new Diamond Edition live roulette played at Royal Vegas’ live casino where it is now available.

Microgaming diamond edition roulette at Royal Vegas

Both game views show you seated player chip stacks and table action up to the point where bets close.

diamond edition live roulette

Not a first – the ‘for television’ games like Smart Live been doing this for a while now, but it is a nice feature that certainly adds, rather than detracts from the game.


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