Casino Opens to players from Manitoba, Canada


Manitoban gamblers are now able to bet online at the provincially operated PlayNow casino and sportsbook.

If you thought the PlayNow brand sounded familiar you’d be right. was launched back in 2010 by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (“BCLC”) and after a few early teething problems it has been taking bets (casino, sports, poker, lottery and bingo…no live dealers unfortunately) from players resident in British Columbia ever since.

Rather than reinvent the wheel with their own website, the government of Manitoba have rather shrewdly decided to piggy back off BCLC’s hard work and use the same site for their local players. Of course just how shrewd this is depends on how much the BCLC is charging them for the privilege!

The site now has a little province selector (top right) and MB gets you to the games for Manitobans. This part of the site is managed by Manitoba Lotteries Corporation through the BCLC as its service provider.

Just as only BC residents can play the ‘BC’ games, only residents of Manitoba can play the ‘MB’ games. If they go on holiday outside their province, they won’t be able to log-in, owing to the MLC’s strict player access terms highlighted in the site FAQs:

Why can’t I play when I am travelling outside Manitoba?
We are authorized to market and distribute games within the province of Manitoba only. At this time, registered players may only purchase games when physically located in Manitoba.

There is one inter-provincial aspect to the site…players from BC, Manitoba and Quebec are able to play poker against each other (while logged in from inside their respective provinces).

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