Quebec’s online gambling block blocked


Back in April it was reported that the Canadian province of Québec intended introducing legislation to block online gambling sites.

Bill 74 did indeed pass in May, requiring local ISP’s to block any online gambling sites not approved by the provincial government (ie

Québec’s Finance Minister Carlos Leitao said the new law was all about protecting locals; players obviously, not ISP’s who would have been scratching their heads at prospect of having to police which sites Québécois can access.

Well now it seems the ISP’s will be able to rest easy on any policing duties.

Canada’s Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (‘CRTC’) have just released a statement saying that Bill 74 violates the federal Telecommunications Act, which in part reads:

“Except where the Commission approves otherwise, a Canadian carrier shall not control the content or influence the meaning or purpose of telecommunications carried by it for the public.”

Further, the CRTC stated that they, and they alone are responsible for the administration of this provision, making any provincial government attempts at Internet censorship illegal.

Just as well for live dealer fans living in Quebec, as is still an RNG only affair.

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