What are the odds?

football studio wins

Had a play of the revamped Football Studio game today.

Not totally convinced it looks better than the old soccer pitch backdrop. But that that’s a matter of personal taste.

What’s important, from a play perspective, is that the game rules remain the same; very simple indeed.

Bet Home, or Away (or Tie). Card to Home, card to Away. High card wins (Ace is high) and pays even money. A Tie pays 11 to 1.

Most of your brain power will be dedicated to debating the various goings on of the football world with the dealer. Something that is encouraged.

The gamble here is pretty much a toss of a coin. A 50/50 outcome paying even money. Which brings me to the purpose of this post. Not to offer in depth instruction on how to play this game. That’d be like writing a thesis on how to flick on a light switch.

No, the purpose of this post is purely to gloat.

On opening this game, for the first time in a long while, I began with an Away bet, and won.

Then swapped to a Home bet, and won.

Back to Away…another win.




Then lost. But, not before racking up 6 consecutive wins on a 50/50 probability event.

The odds of this, budding mathematicians will know, is o.56 = 0.015625, or a 1 in 64 chance.

Not lottery type odds, and the win ($30 from $5 stakes) was far from a lottery type win. But still not a bad a achievement for a lazy Saturday afternoon.

As lamented in the forums, I just wish I had used that luck elsewhere. On one of the big multiplier games perhaps.

Rack em up…6 consecutive wins

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