Card Matchup Live and OnAir

Card Matchup is the latest live game release from OnAir Entertainment.

It’s a simple high card draw. Not a concept we’re unfamiliar with. In fact the main game is identical to Top Card / Football Studio  launched by Evolution back in 2018, and revamped in 2019.

Games don’t get much simpler. Think Dragon Tiger, with Aces high rather than low, and rather than betting Dragon or Tiger, you’re betting Home or Away.

OnAir Card Matchup last bets

Your bet options are:

  • Home (win pays even money)
  • Away (win pays even money)
  • Draw (pays 11 to 1)

In the case of a draw, 50% of Home and Away bets are returned. Expressed another way…half these bets are lost. Herein lies the game’s house edge! If these bets pushed in the case of a Draw, it would be a zero house edge game.

OnAir Card Matchup Away win

Once bets close, a single card is dealt to the Home and Away positions and the highest card wins. Cards are valued as follows:

  • 2-10 at face value
  • Jacks 11
  • Queens 12
  • Kings 13
  • Aces 14

Suits do not matter.

That’s it for the main game. Like I said, games don’t get much simpler.

OnAir Card Matchup home win

Live football scores

With very little to think about, you can let your attention drift to football talk – which the dealers are eager to engage in. You can also check live scores of football games currently in progress across a broad range of leagues.

OnAir Card Matchup live scores

Side bets

There are a few optional side bets you can take. All pay even money.

  • Over 8.5 – this bet wins if a 9 or higher ranking card is dealt to the corresponding side.
  • Under 7.5 – this bet wins if a 7 or lower ranking card is dealt to the corresponding side.
  • Red – this bet wins if the card dealt to the corresponding side has rank different than 8 and is red (Hearts or Diamonds),
  • Black – this bet wins if the card dealt to the corresponding side has rank different than 8 and is black (Spades or Clubs).

Card Matchup payouts

Return to player rates

RTP rates on this game are not great. We’re talking worse than American (double zero) roulette.

On the main game…

  • Home: 96.27%
  • Away: 96.27%
  • Draw: 89.63%

Side bets are even worse…

  • Over 8.5: 92.31%
  • Under 7.5: 92.31%
  • Red: 92.31%
  • Black: 92.31%

And that’s Card Matchup!

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