Live Dealer Teen Patti from Playtech

Thanks to Playtech there’s now another live dealer Teen Patti option available to players.

Ezugi have had a Teen Patti table from some time. Evolution Teen Patti went live mid 2022.

To Playtech’s credit, they’ve tweaked the rules and side bet payouts a little from existing versions to offer both a point of difference and more importantly, improved theoretical returns!

The improved returns on the main game come from the introduction of the Ante Bonus payout, which is discussed below.

First a recap on how to play Teen Patti.

How to Play Playtech Teen Patti

The premise of Teen Patti is simply. You are trying to beat the dealer’s 3 card poker hand.

Playtech Teen Patti placebets

An Ante bet gets you in the main game.

Playtech Teen Patti Antebet

Then, after bets close, 3 cards are dealt to the player position.

Playtech Teen Patti take action

At this point you are invited to take action, with options being:

  • Fold, and forfeit your Ante, or
  • Play, and see if the player hand beat’s the dealers. An auto Play bet (equal to your Ante) is added.

The dealer then draws 3 cards and the hands are compared, applying 3 card poker hand ranks to determine the winning hand (note in 3 card a Straight beats a Flush!).

Teen Patti hand ranks


Win condition and payouts

If you choose to Play and the dealer wins your Ante and Play bets are lost. For a tied hands all bets push (are returned).

If the player hand wins, returns depend on whether the dealer hand has qualified (Queen or better), as follows:

  • if dealer doesn’t qualify: Ante bet pays even money, Play bet pushes.
  • if dealer qualifies: Ante bet pays even money, Play bet pays even money.
Playtech Teen Patti win

Beating qualifying dealer. 1:1 on Ante. 1:1 on Play. Additional 1:1 on Ante for Straight

Now, on Playtech’s version on Teen Patti there is some scope for a boosted payout on your Ante bet, as happened above – the Ante Bonus payout.

Ante Bonus payout

This isn’t a side bet. It’s a payout that automatically applies to your Ante bet. What’s more, it applies whether or not you beat the dealer hand (you must Play however).

The Ante Bonus offers an additional payout based on the quality of the player hand, as follows:

ante bonus payout

This is a slightly more generous Ante Bonus structure than is offered on Evolution’s Teen Patti table which doesn’t pay a bonus on Straight Flush.

So, taking the pictured result above we have the player hand (A,2,3 Straight) beating the dealer’s qualifying hand (with King) for a return of:

  • Even money on Ante
  • Even money on Play
  • Plus even money for Ante Bonus (Straight)

The Ante Bonus payout offered on this version of Teen Patti elevates the main game theoretical return above other versions, where it is not offered.

Optional Side bets

This table offers the same two side bets offered on Evolution’s version, but the top payout for both is increased.

Pairs Plus side bet

Here you’re betting on the quality of the player hand (dealer hand irrelevant), with payouts as below.

pair plus payout

Pairs Plus payouts. On Evolution’s version, Three of a Kind Aces pays 100:1

In the below example a Pairs Plus bet would have payed 6 to 1, as I am being painfully reminded.

Playtech Teen Patti Ante Bonus

MegaBonus side bet

Here you are betting on the quality of the best 5 card poker hand that can be constructed from both player and dealer hands, with the below payouts applying.

mega bonus payout

Mega Bonus payouts. On Evolution version (they call it 6 Card Bonus)  Royal Flush pays 1000:1

Theoretical returns

With a slightly different Ante Bonus payout structure return to player rates on the main game are higher than the Evolution/Ezugi equivalent bet…(shown in brackets below).

  • Main game: 97.74% (96.63%)
  • Pairs Plus side bet: 95.80% (95.51%)
  • Mega Bonus side bet: 95.28% (91.44%)

Teen Patti complete house rules

May be read here.

Playtech Teen Patti video

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