Teen Patti from Evolution now live

Teen Patti Live from Evolution was released in mid 2022.

You may not find a Teen Patti table in your average Western casino. But is a favourite game in India which by default makes it one of the world’s most popular gambling games. This in turn puts in on the radar of the big live game providers.

The Indian faves are starting to become a category of their own. Ezugi are probably leading the pack in this regard. Evolution (leveraging subsidiary Ezugi’s experience), Playtech and Pragmatic Play are looking to catch up. All now offer Andar Bahar for example.

Evolution’s Teen Patti can now be played at:

Teen Patti shuffle

How to play Teen Patti?

Think 3 card poker. You versus the dealer. Teen Patti actually translates to ‘Three Leaves’ in Urdu (one of the major Indian dialects after Hindi and Bengali).

This live dealer version from Evolution is dealt from a single 52 card deck, freshly shuffled each round. You can play the main game, and also take a couple of optional side bets.

The rules and and theoretical return on the main game are actually the same as Evolution’s live 3 card poker table. Table stylings and the Hindi speaking dealer are the main differences.

The main game

Teen Patti placebets

Ante bet gets you in the game

An Ante bet gets you in the main game. Three cards are then dealt to both the player (face up) and dealer (face down).

Now it’s decision time. Based on an assessment of whether your 3 card poker hand is likely to best the dealer’s, you can either:

  • Fold and forfeit your Ante, or
  • Play (automatic play bet equal to Ante).
TeenPatti fold play

Decision time… Fold or Play.

The 3 card poker hand ranks

Here are your hand ranks in order, with examples.


The one notable difference from 5-card poker versions is that a here a Straight beats a Flush.

Win conditions and outcomes

Once bets are closed, the dealer’s cards are flipped and hands compared. If the dealer’s hand is better, both your Ante and Play bets are lost. If the hands tie, then these bets are pushed (returned).

If the players’ hand wins, then your payout depends on whether the dealer hand qualified (contained a Queen or better), as follows:

  • dealer’s hand qualifies and player hand wins: Ante pays 1:1, Play pays 1:1
  • dealer’s hand doesn’t qualify and player hand wins: Ante pays 1:1, Play bet pushes

Below is an example of a win where the dealer didn’t qualify. Ante pays. Play bet pushes.

TeenPatti win noqual

Ante Bonus

In addition to the above payouts, a Straight or better earns you an Ante Bonus payout as per the below pay-table. You don’t need to beat the dealer to win the Ante Bonus, but you do need to Play (ie not Fold – which you are unlikely to do with one of these hands anyway!)

Teen Patti Ante bonus payouts

The Side bets

You have 2 optional side bets. Both are only available once an Ante bet has been placed.

For the Pairs Plus side bet you get a payout with a player hand of pairs of better according to the below table, regardless of whether the dealer wins or if you fold.

Teen Patti Pair Plus payouts

For the 6 Card Bonus side bet, the best 5 card poker hand formed from all 6 cards dealt earns a payout according to the below table, regardless of whether the dealer wins or if you fold. Note Flush outranks Straight when 5 cards are in consideration.

Teen Patti 6 Card payouts

Full house rules

May be read here.

Theoretical returns

Teen Patti isn’t exactly a game that will help preserve your bank. Theoretical returns are as follows:

  • Main game: 96.63%
  • Pairs Plus: 95.51%
  • 6 Card Bonus: 91.44%

A little Teen Patti recorded video action

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