free play live casino games

Just like in a real casino, it’s hard to find a live dealer table that lets you play with free/fun chips. But they are out there. Free play live roulette, blackjack and baccarat tables may be played at the below casinos.

Where can you play live games in free play / fun play mode?



Dublinbet carry a large range of games from multiple providers – most of which do not allow free play. One them however, Visionary iGaming, take a slightly different approach. Once you have opened an account at Dublinbet, your account (for ViG games only) is automatically credited with 1000 virtual tokens to play with.

  • Account registration required: yes
  • Which Games?:
    ViG Live Roulette
    ViG Live Blackjack (EP)
    ViG Live Baccarat
  • Limitations: Once your 1000 virtual tokens are gone, fun play is over.

Bombay Live

Bombay Live's High Roller Baccarat

No problem placing $1,000 chips on the table when it’s fun money

Bombay Live are actually a provider. But they do also invite players to all play their games in free play mode. You can do so at

  • Account registration required: no
  • Which Games?:
    Live Roulette
    Live Baccarat
    Live Andar Bahar
    Live Teen Patti
    Live Bollywood Stars
  • Limitations: Once your 5,000 on fun tokens are gone, free play is over (until you clear your cookies and start over :).

Super Casino 

Before becoming part of the Betsson Group, Super Casino allowed you to choose real play or fun play mode on all their proprietary live roulette tables once you register ed an account. Unfortunately this option is no longer available.

  • Account registration required: yes
  • Which Games?: Live Roulette
  • Limitations: none…you may play in fun play mode as long as you wish, simply choose real play or free play buttons when launching the table.

Free Play Live Roulette Super Casino

Why do so few live casinos offer free play?

When it comes to RNG (Random Number Generator) casino games, regardless of which online casino you are playing at, the usual position is play for free, or play for real money. That is to say, almost without exception you will have the option to play the game in fun mode if you wish.

We all like to try before we buy, and it doesn’t hurt to get a feel for the playing interface, irrespective of the game you choose, so from a players perspective free/fun play is a nice way to dip your toes in the water.

From a software provider and casino perspective, it’s their opportunity to wow you with the realism of the wiz bang graphics of their game. And given their marginal cost of serving additional virtual tables is negligible, free play makes perfect sense. It’s a hook.

The story is a little different with live tables. Each table occupies real estate (not just server space), and has a wage earning dealer sitting there dealing the cards or spinning the roulette wheel. Live dealer games are far more costly to serve up to players than computer generated ones.

As such, allowing fun-play players to occupy table space, potentially preventing real money players accessing that table (can’t simply serve up another virtual table and dealer) is expensive.

Both Evolution Gaming and Playtech have a blanket no-free play policy across all tables. The story is the same at most other providers…

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