Fastest live casino games: blackjack, baccarat & roulette

Yes patience is a virtue. But let’s face it, not all of us are that virtuous when it comes to waiting for what we want now.

If you play live dealer games and struggle with the concept of waiting, then you may be interested in knowing what (and where) the fastest live blackjack, live roulette and live baccarat games are?

Fastest live blackjack

Evolution Gaming had the fastest live blackjack deal back in 2011. It remains the fastest 7 seat blackjack game that you can play live online today with an 8 second window to place your bets before the next deal.


Where can you play?

888 Casino, William Hill Vegas, BetVictor, Party Casino and a bunch of other casinos powered by Evolution Gaming.

Fastest live baccarat

Bodog88 recently introduced a version of live baccarat they call Zone Baccarat. It’s the same as their standard baccarat tables with one exception….the deal is fast. Players get 10 seconds between deals to get their chips on the table.

The guys at Bodog introduced this game knowing that many baccarat payers have a pre-planned playing strategy making excessive betting time wasted time.


Where can you play?

Grand Bodog Casino at Bodog88

If you prefer an ‘in-casino’ (as apposed to in studio) live game then Vuetec’s live baccarat (Dublinbet, Lucky Live) is also pretty slick.

Fastest live roulette

You won’t find a live roulette table with bet a window in the vicinity of 8-10 seconds. That may be enough time for players happy to simply ‘repeat bet‘ or place single chip bets, but it’s not enough time for players who like to get a good spread of chips around the table. Most live tables offer between 40s and a full minute to get your bets down.

At the lower end of the range (40 seconds) is live roulette in Playtech’s Asian studio (both European and French tables). Also the ball drop on this wheel is quicker than other wheels so total time between spins is reduced.


Where can you play?

bet365 or Dafabet

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