Online gambling in Kuwait

Kuwait hasn’t quiet earned the same “Middle East Lite”reputation of Bahrain, but by most measures in the region it is a relatively free and progressive country.

It has a civil law system modelled on the French legal system and supported by secular courts; there are no Sharia courts in Kuwait. It enjoys the highest literacy rate in the Arab world and the highest level of press freedom in the Middle East according to both Reporters without Borders and Freedom House.

This freedom and progressiveness doesn’t extend to an acceptance of gambling in any form; both offline and online are prohibited from fines for those caught offending.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Communication regulates ISPs in Kuwait, forcing them to block sites considered unacceptable. The OpenNet Initiative rates their filtering and surveillance activities as Pervasive (the worst rating), however the primary target of this filtering is pornography and, to a lesser extent, gay and lesbian content. Anecdotal evidence from local blogs seems to be that most online gambling sites are readily accessible from within Kuwait, but use of a VPN for complete anonymity (to the ISP’s not the casino you register with) is recommended.

Thanks to abundant oil reserves, Kuwait is one of the wealthiest nations on earth, ranking number 4 in per capita income. The Kuwait Investment Authority is the world’s oldest foreign wealth fund established 1953, with foreign investments valued at $592 billion.

Any country with significant wealth and a lack of local gambling options will always be an attractive potential market for online gambling operators. Kuwait is no exception, and so it is not surprising, despite local laws, to find websites tailored to players from Kuwait (Arabic website, support etc).

Best live casino for Kuwaiti players

The below casinos accept players from Kuwait and offer USD or EURO (no Kuwait dinar) deposit/account keeping options.

Live casinos for Kuwait players
Players from your location accepted
Player access
Deposits accepted and/or can maintain account in local currency
Toll free numbers from your country
Toll free support
local language site/support capabilities
Local language
games regionally focused

888 Casino

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No restrictions No deposit restrictions.
Maintain account in USD (KWD not possible)
Yes Arabic website and support, Arabic dealer tables European based dealer room with Euro centric games, and high limits