Here are a bunch of live dealer games based on the game of blackjack. Blackjack based game shows are proving pretty popular these days, so it’s likely more are on the way.

They all come with a live dealer and a physical card deal. At their heart is the basic blackjack principle of beating the dealer to 21. But they all depart from the regular game of blackjack just a little too much for us to comfortably list them on our live blackjack page.

Departures like:

  • the introduction of computer generated random multipliers each round to supersize payouts from the regular even money or 3:2 for Blackjack;
  • major rule tweaks like the opportunity to triple or quadruple down; or
  • your play being decided by a majority vote of all seated players (gulp!); or
  • the addition of bonus round games with payouts completely RNG generated.

The below portfolio showcases all currently available blackjack based live games including pics, a summary description, where to play details and links to the full game review.

Blackjack based, but not Blackjack

All of the above games are based on blackjack. But they all take a significant departure from the ‘regular’ blackjack game.

We’re not talking minor differences to blackjack house rules here – like whether the player can double any cards or only 9, 10, 11. We’re talking something far more radical. The option to triple or quadruple down for example. Or win payouts elevated from the standard 1:1 (or 3:2 for Blackjack) up to 25:1, with the introduction of random multipliers.

You’ll find quite a few of these tables listed under the game show category at your chosen live casino.

Some are presented very much in the game show mould – flashy graphics and distracting audio and some RNG (random number generator) elements so that outcomes aren’t just dictated by the physical cards. Others are more civil affairs. Just you and the dealer (and a few hundred other players possibly…not that you notice them as the deals are always in one-to-many deal format).

Rule differences? What rule differences?

Considering all currently available blackjack based live games (or game shows), the key departures from the regular blackjack can be categorised as follows.

Random Multipliers

This is most common rule tweak. The introduction of random multipliers to supersize win payouts.

They are generated and operate differently depending on the game. But the simple example is where a couple of cards are randomly chosen after bets close, but pre deal and they have multipliers assigned to them (eg, Jblank = 5x and Kblank = 10x).  Should the player hand receive be dealt one of these cards, this becomes the new payout for beating the dealer. Should they be dealt both, the multiplied amount becomes the new payout.

Blackjack games with multipliers include

A few rounds of Quantum Blackjack…

Optional bonus game bet

These games give you the option…play the main game which is regular blackjack. Or also participate in the bonus round game for a shot at jackpot like payouts.

The bonus rounds may be triggered by selected physical card combinations, but determination of the payout size is an entirely computer generated outcome.

Playing the bonus game on Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack

Significant departure from ‘regular’ house rules

Less like a game show, more like blackjack. But with some pretty major rule tweaks.

  • Power Blackjack, lets you triple or quadruple down
  • Free Bet Blackjack, gives you a free (house funded) Double Down on 9, 10, 11 and free Split on certain pairs (but bets push when dealer busts on 22).

A couple of power rounds on Power Blackjack…

And then there’s Majority Rules Blackjack

Imagine playing a hand of blackjack, where decisions are dictated by a majority vote of participating players?

You’re leaving your financial fate truly in the hands of the gambling masses here. Welcome to Majority Rules Blackjack.